OK this is my OFFICIAL 300th POST on my shit blog about poetry, insane diatribes about mental illness and insanity, and all things all sort of vaguely nautical in a sense where I know nothing about boats or actual pirates!

It’s been a long crazy road to get this far, and I hope to be celebrating 600 POSTS at some point in the future.  The future, however, is in the future! One that is actually looking a little brighter for me at this point! I’ve had a lot of really positive things happen in my life lately: the publication of a piece I wrote on insomnia and ptsd in an ACTUAL HONEST TO GOD LITERARY MAGAZINE, my graduation from region 10’s MHSS program, progress with my therapy, and my development as a human being!

I will continue to post at completely random intervals about whatever the fuck topic I care to discuss or “poetize” at the time, I will continue to be one mad whimsical bastard, and I will continue to appreciate all the support of the fine peeps who frequent my blog and the lovely crazy strangers who find it for the first time!

Thank you everyone!

-Zachary Binks, The Mad Pirate



2 thoughts on “300 POSTS OF A MAD PIRATE

  1. I was going to say, may you long sail the sea’s, but that is to fucken predictable. So I hope you at least post at least your next fifty, I think, a cricketing reference, totally more appropriate.

    I am cool with out of left field commentary to what you usually post, gives me a reason to comment/talk shit.

    So from one floating astronaut to a mad pirate, carry on.

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