cut loose and cutting loose I’m

twisted and refined sublime

and getting what I had in mind

when I thought of being out of this bind

and its more than just a lack of supervision

I’m subsidizing my condition

taking hold of the reigns and reigning it in

I’m living in my own reign

this kingship explained by me in sane

diatribes where in I’m the one to blame

for letting it happen to me again and again

and not simply saying


no more

stop this madness

cease this sadness and lack of


I’m my own “ism”

and the system was put in place

to help me and make me


but I’m not sane

I’m in this blister of reality where

I am a man called binks

a binks who stinks and shirks his


and I’m pleased with myself and

finally earning the pride that I’ve

converted for so long yearned for drawn

and quartered my wrongs

have I had the strength all along?

I’m moving on



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