I am selfless and conflicted

with the interests and objective reasoning

I’m giving away all my energy and

blisters cover all my feet

measured in distance traveled

history is bending into a loop

and this is where it ends just where it all began

I’m the latest scoop

of glistening ice cream that plagued me

in my bitter sweet youth

where everything was tainted

and regrets were born and blossoms bloom

so take a picture make it last and fast

your way into a body worth objectifying

rectify this tasteless baseless brood

I’m spouting off again and making zero sense

I’m opening up all my mouths

ten little fingers screaming in tandem

but will it all make something gossamer and true

or am I wasting all this time on loose ends

and sewing circles round my friends

that brought me back from the brink

and  made me thing it’ll be ok

in the end



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