Astride bus seat I sit

cane in hand

and here I overhear a man

demand the definition of gravity

as if HIS answer would be more pleasing

he defers mysteries to deities

and here again I hear him speak

of the

“pitiful intelligence of man”

and he’s forgotten or

refused to understand

the inquisitions burnings and trials

sexual definitions and false smiles

and charity always with the price

of accepting christ when you’re already sitting nicely

spiritual or just not needing

a sermon with your daily meal, seemingly

already begged for and  never appealing

so feel me when I say this man isn’t hearing

upon high horse with god in hand

forgets the world is quite diverse and grand

with every man his own sung verse

his ignorance not blessing but curse





    • LOL I suppose you are referring to the head monkies that bash my keyboard? If so: AWESOME! I’d rather have a head full of random ass monkies than a head full of BORING anyday! >:D

      • There is saying that if you had a room full of monkeys with typewriters (assuming they could type!), they would eventually be able to write all the works of Shakespeare.

        So it is kinda cool to call them head monkies (which I did not think of). I reckon you have one particularly clever monkey that bashes out a really profound one when he is in the mood.

        Mine bunch are either fighting amongst themselves or asleep, with their head on the typewriter.

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