OK I’m going to take a minute to talk about something really serious and at the same time mind bogglingly fucking silly.   I’m a big fan of a hybrid-media/webcomic called Homestuck.  If you know what that is, then you you can imagine my level of obsession with it, but something isn’t right with the god damned ending, and I can sum it up with one screenshot:


THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE! It’s screwing with the genealogy, and messing with my head, and I’ve already been up all night (for unrelated reasons) and now THIS occurs to me:

THIS GUY is NOT who he appears to be, but SOMEHOW MAGICALLY IS???

OK brief rundown: WHOLE LOTTA MUTUAL RELATIONS GOING ON IN THIS BITCH, there are folks that are each other’s parents simultaneously, and it’s all super complicated and difficult to explain and has to do with notions of time travel and destiny.  However: that isn’t the case for the stately gentleman in the fedora.  We are told that in his version of the universe (the alpha kids universe, the final instance in a long running series of reboots of the same universe) that there version of john showed up way earlier, sired the man with some woman (who is never named or shown) and the man raised another character of importance (Jane Crocker) who is the genetic progenitor of John. AGAIN HOWEVER: he appears, acts, and looks like a figure from another universe, the parental figure (but not genetic father) of john.  Dude even has the same hobbies and shit. AND if you can get your head around that fucking mind knot of genealogy, Jane acts as the genetic forbearing of John (motherways) but ALSO serves as his grandmother in  john’s version of the universe.

SO the figure in question is John’s parental figure, who in Johns universe is the child of that universe’s Jane and some guy who I can’t recall, but the SAME PERSON (as far as is shown???) appears in Jane’s universe but is the child of John????

The reason they are hugging in this screenshot is because the “Father/son” remembers HIS father (alt-john) and when he see’s beta John goes up and hugs him, but John HUGS BACK because somehow HE’S ALSO HIS FATHER, when it doesn’t make sense for him to be.  The two figures are virtually identical, if only in anonymity and style of dress and hobbies and methods of parenting and BASICALLY EVERYTHING, when they shouldn’t be, it should be two totally different people.

So… Plot hole? Outright error on the part of the author? OR another example of paradox space making the reader its bitch?

WHATEVER is going on here, I can’t wrap my head around it…


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