kaleidoscope attractions

on spectrums far and wide

I’m a new born bastard

moving faster now by my own design

and its thickness is where I am

sideways glance at another chance at me

no reason no reproach

with plenty of undertones and I’m

stick to the script with all of you

when it comes to how I’ll show through

and no more will it be so true

as when the door comes askew

and there’s plenty of this dance

where I’m

caught in flux and making changes happen

I’m burning up at both ends but I’m

rises from the ashes

this face this disgrace this visage of me that everyone can see

isn’t quite as deep as it seems the seems are leaking through

a light from within being bloomed and I’m a new man new plan

no regrets will stand in my way when

the creaking cracks in this mask rot away the ends

that hold it in

so make me be a me I’m pleased with easy with and comfort born

of being in this skin or merely recognizing my own face

I’ll totter on the edge a pressapass of keeping pace with change

keeping up with rearranging all my features and dismay

so here it goes it gutters out a flame is starting and burning down

again and letting out the chagrin the grin I’ve kept within

its almost done its almost there its almost aware of itself

and maybe the next time I gaze mirror-ward I’ll be

someone else



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