Wasting time and effort on this

plethora of people near and dear

and far away

I’m twisting time and singing

voice cracking but still believing

me is the way I was born to bleed

and be a better me than I could be

if I had a better upbringing

maybe I’d still have the hope I seek

renew me redeploy this heart attack

blackened by the days of my past

flip back get on track with the tracking

of this beat up vcr that used to play

rewind an be kind to me I’m still

getting used to the idea of

being free

being a being that knows its purpose

its worth it but I’m still feeling

hesitate before the day is dawning

iron wrought gates and silver linings

beside myself with sinning

in disbelief of my new beginnings

breathe in seek in step outside my door

let the air out and restore this

solid gold attempt to find myself

if I fail I have no one else


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