tie me to the window

and hang me out to dry

epochs drifting slowly from this

place where I reside

in a bubble caught betwixt

sheets lost in the mix

I’m fixated on this trick

narcissistic for my fix

and its nowhere but me

a place where I can be

and its nowhere but now

somehow I’ve found myself and how

do you make it make sense

in my defense

I’ve never had time to look

too far within when I’ve been

a broken bindings book

so i’m calling out my name

its the same that sickly startling thing

I’m a beneficiary of me

inherited relief

and I’m looking out the window

while walking down the street

can you blame me for my weakness

to be all I can be

I am now a one man army of me

a blasphemy to some but

to others a calming hymn

will I still regret the past

when I outlast this uncertainty

when I break through my window

into a transformed being


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