sickly sweet tangents blinding

find myself in forward thinking

twist back on fickle mindset

I fret and jam the threats in step

hate dripping in my ego

in a past not long ago

re-reading every page though

of a book I’m sure to know

deny my constant findings

delay my state of mind

I’m caught up in my windings

clockwork heart starting to choke

so I woke up wasted one day

blurted out whats in my heart

night tripped into a blinding

echo chamber of larks

when I found he didn’t run

when I found he didn’t run away

when I found no disgust in this mess

I found a reason now to stay

my form is twice a broken thing

my essence at odds with my being

my reflection telling lies to me

I’m many people in one

shrinking photo op

giving birth and breaking up

fucking with my aching parts

and starting shit when no one

else is even down

to frown and spice things

entice them with pictures so confusing

brooding is no longer my forte

this giggling abomination

here to stay


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