Abominable thing I bring

destruction to the scene it springs

to action when I’m seen and be me

be inside me free me from this

peace and prosperity

fling myself into a fire of

east of where I want to be and

seize this chance to second glance me

sprint into this atrocity

so when I drink I think I’m

a better thing than I am able to

put u at ease bring every thing together

better not tip that bottle ever

feathers glued to my ass a

sheathed sword is my destiny and

Satan thought up better ways to thrill me

but I’d rather you just billed me for the

therapy I dole out troll out fuck me twice

and bail I’m ill I’m destruction personified

I might just bite but I’d rather you

took the rains and don’t ask me to explain

just hold me then make me insane

saints wanted me and sinners too

but I’m a botched and broken brew of

man and beast and woman too

can you make me real?

So are you

will this ever end will we pretend forever

that this will ever

be a thing that comes out right a

hand to hold mine in the night

a makeshift bed is all we need

my body parts aren’t yours to please

so don’t ask me why I can’t be your savior

husband wife or better side ever

I am a bitch

a broken bride

I might just cast myself aside


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