early in the morning in the mid afternoon

I’m speaking gently talking softly

thinking of being spoons

and its true that your enticing and thrilling me

twice tonight I’ll be bringing up my back for free

centuries slipping by sipping chai tasting where I’ve been

flipping out clipping coupons for bitter ends

send me gifts make me bleed trick me into being at ease

freezing cold awkward speech wishing I wasn’t diseased

and its a midnight tryst I’m looking for

pierce my heart with this encore

will I ever be the person I need to be to be with anybody

A million options and nobody cares

I am thinking about slipping into something more comfortable

maybe an uncomfortable chair

make up a reason to be far away and understated

three states in either direction and I’m still hated

so if you take a long hard look at me from far away I

make you take a second glance and ask if I’m one or the other

fill everyone around me with confusion and indecisiveness

my anxiety is infectious as is my smile and friendliness

I switch between each inner voice with reckless abandon and no choice

my words are bleeding through to middle grounds where no

woman or man can go

and I’m starting not to blow it though I kinda wanted to

will I ever be the person that I thought I knew

I’m twice the thing that I thought a person should be

double up my personality and fuck this tease



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