reason’s on hold for the moment

I’m sold at the notion of

staying indoors

and I abhor all this hullabaloo

all this strife and hate too

it’s a nation unglued

and I’m falling apart too

wake up one morning and I’m

part of the problem I’m starting to think

that I’m targetted trotting along

prance about in pirate garb

and grow my hair long

frock coats and brocade and

singing a song

so it’s morning again and I’m

desperately looking for a friend

but the world is unhinged

nazis fill the streets of this town

brimming with underground reprimands

for not being a real man

and I am so tired of pretending

fending of notions so bloating with meaning

metaphorical dreams sometimes subtle

sometimes blunt as the club

I’d be hit in the face with

yearnings come on strong and the

night is so long and the

reasons to remain hidden are

growing and brought on

by the faults in the earth

all the wrongs pilling up

all the hatred and strife is just

blowing me up


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