About A Binks

Poet, writer, pirate… Though not necessarily in that order?  This blog has become a refuge of sorts for the madness I dribble out onto here on occasion that some people mistake for poetry.  I don’t like schedules, so I update it pretty much “WHENEVER”.  The subject matter is often quite grim and I’m okay with that.  I’m pretty friendly, however, and if you like or comment on a piece I’ve written, chances are I’ll do so in kind, if your blog is the sort where I can get my read on.  ANYWAY, thanks for looking?



16 thoughts on “About A Binks

  1. Very interesting, I am thinking you are a man of depth, no surface dweller here. I am looking forward to reading your work, the first two I read were amazing, not sure I completely understand but will reread them when I get home, at lunch at work right now. Thank you for sharing your rantings, I think I like them! Light and love to you, Mr. Binks 🙂 Michelle

      • yep, been down in the dumps myself a lot over the past few months, know how you feel, so maybe we can cheer each other up with our profound writing skills and amazing talents!! 🙂 or at least we can try. We are all in this journey together! I would be nice to get to know you. Michelle

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